Through the eyes of a child with the skill of a true artist

A note from Matthew
" I love my work. It gives me the opportunity to create from the heart and share
with you my childhood memories of the season. I hope you enjoy these
ornaments as much as I have enjoyed making these pieces for you"

Matt begins the detailed process of creating an ornament with preliminary sketches. The next step is  a detailed clay carving of the final design. The clay is sent to Poland, home of the centuries old art of glass blowing for re-creation in a glass form.

The Sketch Clay Carving Silvered Glass Re-creation The completed ornament

Matt then hand paints each benchmark ornament for replication by Polish artisans.
Produced in a limited quantity, each ornament is dated with the year of it's birth to
add to your precious Christmas treasures.

The child in all of us is alive at Christmas